Adam Bradley offers lectures, workshops, and seminars specifically suited for academic, corporate, and general audiences.

Topics include:

-The Poetics of Hip Hop
-The Poetry of Pop Songs
-The Literary Legacy of Ralph Ellison
-Hip Hop’s Lessons for Leaders
-Hip Hop as a Lens for Diversity and Inclusion


“I first was exposed to Adam in 2011 at a small gathering of Chief Diversity Officers and some of Chicago’s local leaders. I found his perspective to be extremely refreshing and thought provoking, and nothing like the usual presentations we all typically see. We then had lunch together and I became convinced it was important to bring Adam and his perspective to The Coca-Cola Company.

We did so in February 2012 as part of our Diversity Speaker Series, and Adam thoroughly engaged our audience with his presentation on “The Real Hip Hop,” helping our associates understand more about hip hop as a form of creative expression and, more importantly, a communications vehicle.

I would highly encourage others to thoroughly consider bringing Adam into their organizations.”

Steve Bucherati
Chief Diversity Officer The Coca-Cola Company


“Working with Adam Bradley is a superlative experience in every way. He is an engaging and approachable presenter. Our audiences, across the board, love hearing from him.” 

Deirdre Cross
Education Staff
National Museum of African American History & Culture Smithsonian Institution


“My wife, Kate, and I—against all sense, common and uncommon—opened an all-poetry bookstore in Boulder, Colorado just days after The Anthology of Rap was released to the world. Without ever meeting Adam Bradley, we sent a quivering invitation to his inbox to see if he would come grace the store with a reading from the incredible anthology he edited. He respond right away. He responded enthusiastically. In the crowd that night were locals, visitors, students, and faculty from several departments at the University of Colorado. Adam’s work and his presence had brought people together who work and study in various disciplines. The content of his talk that evening was stellar, the convocation, even more so.

Since that time, Adam has insisted on bringing cultural and academic events into the community, and with Adam's planning we have hosted several evenings to discuss pertinent cultural, racial, and gender-related topics. My mentor, Robert Coles, accentuated daily the importance of bridges between campuses and communities. Adam has built a fortified one here in Boulder, and our poetic community remains indebted and grateful.”

Brian Buckley
Co-Founder and Co-Owner
The Innisfree Poetry Bookstore & Café Boulder, Colorado


“Brilliant, accessible, and humble are just a few words I would use to describe Adam Bradley. Adam was the inaugural speaker for my college's Diversity Lecture Series, and he did a superb job helping students, staff, faculty, and community members understand the profound intersections of hip-hop, poetry, and scholarship.”

Dr. Daymond Glenn
Vice President for Community Life & Chief Diversity Officer Warner Pacific College


“Adam Bradley presented two informative, engaging, and entertaining evenings at the Colorado Chautauqua in the Fall of 2013 and Spring of 2014. He is well versed and able to enlighten his audience with multimedia presentations that are ideal for illuminating his subject matter; his pacing was attuned to the novice as well as to the informed listener.

Adam has a gentle manner that brings the audience member over to his viewpoint, and his delivery blends context with content. In other words it is hard to separate his presentation techniques from the subject. They are seamlessly joined into a total delightful presentation. I do not hesitate in recommending Adam Bradley as an expert in his field and as insightful speaker.”

Tom Hart
Program Development Coordinator Colorado Chautauqua